Swanbrook Bullmastiffs

All our dogs are Vet Checked Regulary & Hip & Elbow Scored

In The Beginning.

Both Warren and Dian come from dog loving Families  with large dogs such as the Great Dane and Rottweiler being family pets. Its this ingrained love of large breeds that led Warren and Dian to the Loyal and Faultless personalities of their carefully Selected Bullmastiffs. Warren's first bullmastiff Companion was a Brindle male Shandonita Stormy Legend Grandson of famous Champion Graecia Pryderi imported from the UK. It is this dog that started Warrens love and devotion to the Bullmastiff Breed. Warren raised Stormy as his best friend and companion going everywhere together. He was a Big Brindle dog that seemed to understand every word that Warren spoke.

 Stormy would on many occasions predict Warrens demands on him.Unfortunately like most dog owners Warren never bred Stormy and after 10 wonderful years together Stormy was taken by Cancer. Warren made a pledge to his faithful companion that he would do everything he could for this wonderful loyal breed so it would continue into the future. This is when Warrens interest spiked and the search began for his old mate Stormy legend.Warren studied Stormy's bloodline extensively and started connecting with some of the Best Breeders  Australia wide. After a year of searching and narrowing down the possibilities of finding a dog with all the characteristics of his late companion.

Warren was directed to Paradigm Bullmastiffs in Brisbane. Dr.Brian Miller and his wife Veterinarian wife Rosemary Miller had decided to breed their female Anmenta Juene "Lhotse". Brian and Rosemary in their 36 years of owning bullmastiffs have only bred to keep. Their dog Lhotse's pedigree screams with both champions and Grand Champions but more importantly to Warren the Oldworld and Greicia Bloodlines. The Sire the Millers had chosen was the dog that had led Warren to them. Rubiss Australian Champion Gameguard Toma Hawk "Scotty"  owned by Saturnbrook Bullmastiffs  Sue Hodgetts. It was this champions bloodline that excited Warren as its Grandfather was Imp Australian Champion Graecia Pryderi. Warren's old mate Stormy's Grandfather.

 Warren had accomplished what he had set out to do. He had found another grandson of Graecia Pryderi and like a ghost this dog was a Fawn not a Brindle like Warren was expecting. The color difference was also very exciting for Warren because one thing he always noticed about Stormy was even though he was a gentle soul and loved all humans. Humans seemed to be cautious about first meeting him. His brindle color along with his enormous size would set most people back. Warren always said he could see it in Stormy's eyes how it hurt the dogs feelings and how he would go into a submissive routine to befriend a new skittish person. The Fawn dogs don't seem to intimidate people like the brindle's and they just come straight up to pat them. This is obviously just people judging the book by its cover. It really does make the difference when a person approaches your dog and doesn't reek of fear. It makes for a much more relaxed introduction.

Warrens new boy finally arrived and sure enough he was a Fawn just like his Dad "Scotty" as light as ice cream with a beautiful black mask. Warren named his new companion "Mystro" which is Stormy jumbled up. The two have been by each others sides ever since Mystro came home. He is a house dog and has never spent a single night outside. Learning from his mistake of not breeding with Stormy Warren's searching was only half done. He has been driven to ensure he will never be without a bullmastiff by his side and continued the search for the perfect female to breed with Mystro. It took another 2 years and allot more conversations with Breeders to finally secure a darling little female from Ironline Bullmastiffs David Salisbury in NSW. Again Warren's eye for bloodlines has played the biggest part in the location of this breeder. In the litter of six there was only one female that took Warrens eye. She also is a beautiful Fawn with Black Mask and just the girl Warren needed to complement Mystro and establish his dream 'Swanbrook Bullmastiffs"